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10 of the Coolest Raspberry Pi Projects... So Far

The Raspberry Pi is a $35, credit card sized computer that was created so that kids could learn programming. One of the coolest things about the Pi is that it has a set of general purpose input/output pins (GPIO) that allow you to communicate with items outside of the computer. This allows hackers to build some pretty cool projects.

Here are ten that I am watching closely:

Camera Pi

David Hunt is a professional photographer who has embedded a Pi into a Canon battery grip.


This opens up all sorts of cool functionality including wireless tethering, image backup, remote control, time lapse shooting, and on-the-fly image conversions.

Raspberry Pi Mesh Network

Only one day after posting my top Raspberry Pi projects I came across this on Hack A Day. Eric Erfanian has created a four part series on how to set up a mesh network using Raspberry Pis with Wifi dongles. I have been playing with this as a side project, but Eric has gotten much further than I had.

Pi Mesh Network

While it does not solve all my issues, it certainly is a great starting point.